An Old Lady 69세 (2019)

  • Drama
  • 1h 40m

An Old Lady will show at Everyman Screen On The Green on Tue 3rd November at 6pm

69-year-old caregiver Hyo-jeong is undergoing physiotherapy in hospital when she is raped by a much younger male nursing assistant. Attempting to seek legal redress, Hyo-jeong possesses a complete lack of credibility in the eyes of the criminal justice system, and also amongst her closest relationships; what she confronts here is society’s prejudices against older people, and in particular older women’s bodies. Lim Sun-ae’s remarkable debut feature addresses the uncomfortable intersections of misogyny, ageism and capitalist values. Lim quietly layers the film with pervasive everyday aggressions, and rather than focusing on the traumatic incident itself, the narrative reveals the prejudice and discrimination that Hyo-jeong is forced to overcome. Throughout the film, actor Ye Su Jeong embodies Hyo-jeong as someone we rarely encounter on screen – a soft-spoken yet immensely resilient woman – beginning to tell her story to the society which only values her silence.


Lim Sun-ae


Lim Sun-ae


Lee Seung-bok