Divine Bow 신궁 (1979)

  • Drama
  • 1h 33m

There is trouble in a fishing village on a remote southern island. The catch has been meagre and Wang-nyeoni, the local shaman, is on strike: she refuses to perform a ritual to turn fortunes around. In flashback we learn how she married into a shaman (dang-gol) family, tried her best to help her husband succeed as fisherman, but found both their lives blighted by Pan-su, the village boss and main ship-owner. After agreeing to return to duty, blessing the fishing fleet, Wang-nyeoni will serve up cold revenge in spectacular style.

Yoon Jeong-hee gives one of her finest performances as Wang-nyeoni, certainly a much grittier role than the many ingenues she played throughout most of the 1960s. The film marked the first collaboration between Im Kwon-taek and cinematographer Jung Il-sung: soon they would make the classic Mandara (1981) then continue their partnership for over two decades.

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Im Kwon-taek


Kim Ji-heon


Kim Tai-soo