Family Ties 가족의 탄생 (2006)

  • Drama
  • 1h 53m

The film will be introduced by film critic Darcy Paquet

A moving triptych, part one of Family Ties concerns Mira (Moon So-ri), who is beyond shocked when her brother suddenly turns up after five years of no contact. She is further startled when he introduces his new wife, a woman 20 years his senior. Part two centres around Sun-kyung (Kong Hyo-jin), driven to distraction by her flighty mother who is having an affair with a married man. Part three is about young couple Gyeong-seok (Bong Tae-gyu) and Chae-hyun (Jung Yu-mi). They are close, but Gyeong-seok thinks his girlfriend gives her attention too freely to other people.

Family Ties enjoys almost legendary status in its home country, having been voted one of the most iconic 100 Korean films of all time. Partly it is the great acting and smooth direction, but it is also the director’s sensitive portrait of torn and troubled families that makes it so beloved.

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