Incoherence 지리멸렬 (1994)

  • Drama, Comedy
  • 30min

The three episodes that comprise Bong’s short film feature three middle-aged men who behave badly. In the first, a teacher hides a pornographic magazine from a female student. In the second, a jogger steals milk and blames his misbehaviour on a newspaper delivery boy. The final episode features an exceptionally drunk man in a suit searching for a public toilet. These scenes seem unconnected, indeed incoherent in relation to each other. But in the epilogue, the men reappear, together, as panellists on a television programme. While the incoherence of the film’s episodic form is momentarily resolved, another incoherence quickly arises pertaining to their moral hypocrisy.

Incoherence marks the rapid rise of Bong Joon Ho within the Korean film industry. Made during his studies at the KAFA (Korean Academy of Film Arts), the film was selected for both the Vancouver and Hong Kong international festivals. A superb example of the dark satire which would later become his trademark, Bong’s film shows the hypocritical, lofty and immoral stupidity of important people.

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Bong Joon Ho


Bong Joon Ho