Influenza 인플루엔자 (2004)

  • Drama
  • 28min

Constituted entirely through found CCTV footage, Influenza tells the story of Cho Hyuk-rae, an unemployed man who contemplated jumping off a bridge in 2000. A year later, he is seen practicing a sales pitch for instant glue in the men’s room of an underground station. He boards an underground train to begin selling, but is immediately dragged off by the Metro police. Mr. Cho is desperate and, in 2003, turns to robbing an old woman at an ATM. One hour later, he is eating ramen noodles at a convenience store. A female accomplice eventually joins him as more crimes are shown through CCTV footage, taken from ATM corners and car parks. By 2004, criminal activity has become Mr. Cho’s daily routine.

Commissioned by Jeonju International Film Festival, the humour-inflected Influenza is listed as Bong Joon Ho’s fifth short film and was made after his critically acclaimed feature Memories of Murder (2003). Part of an anthology, together with works by Japanese director Sogo Ishii and Hong Kong-based Yu Lik-wai.

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Bong Joon Ho


Bong Joon Ho