Intimate Strangers 완벽한 타인 (2018)

  • Drama, Comedy
  • 1h 55m

The film will be introduced by film critic Darcy Paquet

A group of friends meet up one night for a dinner party. Many of them have known each other from childhood, so the mood is relaxed and friendly – but with some unspoken tensions beneath the surface. Then the host proposes a game. Each of them are to put their mobile phones up onto the table, and whenever a message or a call arrives, they are to share it with the rest of the group. It’s more of a dare than a game, but despite their private misgivings, they agree to do it. A remake of the phenomenally successful Italian film Perfect Strangers (2016), this tightly-directed work about intimacy and secrets was a surprise box office hit. With a knockout ensemble cast and a superbly balanced screenplay, Intimate Strangers is gripping and tense, depicting the complex ways we choose to reveal and hide our inner selves.

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Lee Jae-kyoo


Bae Sae-young


Lee Yong-nam