Moojin Brothers

  • Artist Video
  • 34min

This strand is presented in partnership with LUX – the UK agency supporting artists’ moving image. The programme will be available to view on the LUX website during the festival.

Scriptures of the Wind 풍경 2016 / single-channel video / 20 min 57 sec

The Trace of the Box – Now, Curiosity About the World 궤적 – 목하, 세계진문 2018 / single-channel video / 8 min 4 sec / Original Format: 35mm B&W film slide Projection

The Trace of the Box – A Better World 궤적 – 좋은 세상 2017 / single-channel video / 5 min 30 sec

The Mooijn Brothers comprise three siblings, Mujin Jung, Hyoyoung Jung and Youngdon Jung, whose sensitive engagement with the contemporary moment culminates in constellations of moving image, installation, community project and publication. To comprehend the genesis of socio-political malaise felt in today’s Korea, they collide quotidian stories with myth and otherworldly imagery as a means to explore the absurdity of the system through which they navigate. In these selected short films, the current working generation and their lives weighed down by the socio-economic climate in Korea are portrayed through mythmaking and surreal topography of Seoul.

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