Moving On 남매의 여름밤 (2019)

  • Drama, Family
  • 1h 45m

The film will be followed by a pre-recorded Q&A

Okju(Choi Jung-un) and her younger brother Dongju(Park Seung-jun) end up spending a summer at their grandfather’s house, after moving out of their previous home. Together with their single father, they do their best to settle in and adjust to life with their grandfather, who they have barely seen in recent years. They are also able to reconnect with their aunt, who is going through a separation with her husband.

Praised by many critics as one of the best Korean independent films of recent years, Moving On is deceptively simple on the surface, but so natural in its execution that you get pulled in without realizing it. Debut director Yoon Dan-bi avoids stylistic flourishes and draws remarkable performances from her cast. By the end of its running time, it stands as an incredibly memorable coming-of-age story. Winner of numerous awards including the Bright Future Award at the 2020 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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