[Opening Gala] Pawn 담보 (2020)

  • Drama, Comedy
  • 1h 53m

Pawn will show at Curzon Soho on Thu 29th October at 7pm. The film will be followed by a pre-recorded Q&A.

This screening is now SOLD OUT.

The year is 1993, two former army buddies Du-seok and Jong-bae work in the loan collection business. When a Chinese-Korean woman who is in the country illegally can’t pay back her $750 loan, Du-seok ends up in custody of her 9-year old daughter. What makes matters worse, is her mother is eventually seized and deported back to China, Doo-seok and Jong-bae are then left with the girl on their hands.

From production powerhouse JK Films, Pawn is built especially around the interplay between the veteran acting skills of Sung Dong Il and Kim Hiewon, and the talented child actor Park Soi (Deliver Us From Evil, 2020). Released in Korea during the Chuseok holiday in September 2020, the high-profile melodrama received strong viewer ratings for its heartwarming performances.