Seo Young Chang

  • Artist Video
  • 22min

This strand is presented in partnership with LUX – the UK agency supporting artists’ moving image. The programme will be available to view on the LUX website during the festival.

Who is Lea? Lea는 누구인가? 2015 / single-channel video / 3min 30sec

Circle 서클 2017 / single-channel video / 7min 58sec / loop

A Globe in a Flat World 납작한 세계의 구체 2016 / single-channel video / 5min 40sec

Your Delivery 유어 딜리버리 2019 / single-channel video / 7min 19sec

Seo Young Chang works with installations of moving image and sculpture attending to existences that are undefinable and unrecognised by the norms. She often juxtaposes repetitive actions or choreography with surreal monologues spoken in different languages, giving a voice to disembodied beings. Through wordplays, contradictions and multiple tenses, her works traverse across virtual and physical realms, in and outside the body as well as through an uncharted timescape between life and death. This programme showcases four short videos exploring the fragile and precarious nature of human beings and how invisible conditions can determine human agency.

(Screenings are provided in partnership with LUX.)

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