Some Light? 불 좀 주소 (2009)

  • Drama
  • 7min

A thoughtful young man ambles around the Han River, providing an expansive setting for his contemplations. During a telephone call on the Jamsu Bridge, connecting the districts of Yongsan-gu and Seocho-gu in Seoul, he discovers his umbrella has been lost by the girl he lent it to, and judging by his disappointed reaction, we can see he is hurt at being forgotten. Another lost soul is on this bridge, a man with a guitar asks for a light and a song. Soon the young man’s problems are put into context, when arguments about umbrellas seem to fade into meaninglessness.

Featuring in Kang Dae-hee’s melancholic gem is a rare on-screen performance from Bong Joon Ho as Guitar man. Made close to the time of his megahit The Host (2006), both films use the Han River as a foreboding backdrop, although in very different ways.

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Kang Dae-hee


Kang Dae-hee