10 Minutes

  • Cast

    Baek Jong-hwan, Kim Jong-gu

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    93 mins

  • Cert


Kang Ho-chan has big dreams of becoming a TV station producer but his family barely get by since his father’s retirement. As the sole breadwinner for the family his father has high hopes for his son’s career. However Kang repeatedly fails to obtain a job the local station no matter how hard he studies. Tired of dodging debt collectors and needing to put food on his family’s table he takes a part time job in the media department of a government office. Though the work isn’t too bad Ho-chan still wishes to get his dream job. One day he is offered the opportunity by his boss to take a full time position. Should Kang forget his dream about becoming a TV producer and take the safe option of a stable job?

10 Minutes is another film screening at this year’s London Korean Film Festival which holds up a mirror to contemporary Korean society. This time the film looks to highlight the struggles of Korea’s corporate world. Korea is well known for its long working hours and heavy work loads, the prospect of giving up on ones dreams in order to pick up a steady pay check thanks to student loans is not uncommon.

The film is a winner of the KNN Audience Movie Award in the New Currents section of the 18th Busan Film Festival as well as a number of other awards in various high profile film festivals.