[Modern Korea 2, Ep 4] K pop Genesis
K pop 창세기

  • Director

    Youm Jisun, Leem Jongyoun

  • Genre

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  • Runtime

    49 mins

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Through this documentary, we review the history of Korean pop music in the 1980s, along with the stories of the teen musicians, who first experienced the changes in the 1990s when ‘music’ was changed to ‘music industry’.

In the 1980s, the Korean music industry had a pattern of overworking musicians, and when profits were made they would be distributed without proper accounting regulation. Despite this environment, the innovative young musicians of the time endeavoured to make new sounds and performances, and in so doing created Korea’s first generation of electronic music and hip-hop.
These pioneering musicians, equipped with inexpensive MIDI devices popularized in the digital revolution, laid the foundation of K-Pop by creating modern digital beats for the first time. Kpop Genesis explores this musical transformation with lead to the rise of the most popular genre in the world.