Daughter in Law


Film info

Director: Choi Eun-hee
Film genre: Drama

Jeomsun’s widowed mother has reluctantly sent her precious daughter off to serve as nanny/big sister to the young scion of a wealthy yangban (ruling class) family. Jeomsun will eventually become the brat’s wife and, it is hoped, produce male heirs for an otherwise childless household. The mother-in-law is a classic: bossy, often cruel. Yet a bond of real affection develops between the boy and young woman. It will be put to the test when Jeomsun is about to be driven out of her adopted home. Already a much-loved diva, Choi seems to have taken some persuading to step behind the camera for this melodrama lightened with humour, the first of three films she would direct. She could draw upon resources other women directors might only dream of: a whole film studio and its troupe of established character actors. Almost forty, she carried off the role of ingenue Jeomsun with style, winning a major award for best actress.