Factory Complex


Factory Complex
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Director: Im Heung-soon
Cast: Shin Soon-ae, Lee Chong-gak, Lee Ki-bok, Kim Young-mi, Kang Myung-ja
80 mins, 2014

There has within the last few years been an increasing trend in contemporary Korean documentaries for exploring issues of unionisation and using the form to present issues of exploitation and marginalisation within post-war period of industrialisation. Factory Complex is an excellent example of this trend receiving the Silver Lion at the 56th Venice Biennale. The focus of the film in part historical providing an insight into the plight of domestic female workers engaged in the textile industry in the 1960’s. Mixing experimental elements alongside interviews and archival footage the film demonstrates Im’s background as a visual artist as well as his own working-class family background. The arguments of the director come across through the juxtapositioning of images resulting in an essayistic work which attempts to complicate the discourse surrounding labour issues, preferring a multitude of voices over a singular narrator.