Kilimanjaro Still 03
Film info

Director: Oh Seung-uk
Cast: Park Sin-yang, Ahn Sung-ki
Film genre: Noir
Cert 18, 108 mins, 2000
Distributed by CJ E&M

Released in 2000 when many renowned Korean directors such as Park Chan-wook and Ryoo Seung-wan began to make their mark, Oh Seung-uk’s Kilimanjaro remains a little-seen but highly accomplished feature debut, made fourteen years before his second and most recent film The Shameless. Set in the seaside town of Jumunjin on Korea’s East coast, it stars Park Shin-yang both as the detective Hae-shik, and as  his identical twin brother, the gangster Hae-chul. Suspended for not properly investigating the killing of Hae-chul’s wife and child, Hae-shik returns to his hometown with the ashes of his brother. There, mistaken for the late Hae-chul, he is sought after by a local gang. Also starring veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki, Oh’s noir feature is an engrossing tale about the perpetual nature of violence.