Kim Ji-young, Born 1982

Film info

Director: Kim Do-young
Cast: Jung Yu-mi, Gong Yoo, Kim Migyeong
Film genre: Drama
120 mins, 2019
Distributed by Lotte Entertainment

Kim Ji-young is an ordinary Korean woman in her 30s, struggling to cope as a full-time mum and housewife. Although being married to the man she loves and raising a baby girl have proved to be more challenging than expected, Ji-young believes she is utterly content.

However, her husband, Dae-hyeon is worried about her. He turns to a psychiatrist as life appears to hit Ji-young harder than she realises, as she switches personas to mimick her mother, as well as her best friend who died while giving birth, and her late grandmother.

Based on Cho Nam-joo’s landmark novel out now in the UK. The riveting drama Kim Ji-young, Born 1982 raises questions about the societal role of modern women that have proved to be relevant across cultural boundaries. Starring Jung Yu-mi and Gong Yoo, acting together again after leading roles in megahit 'Trian to Busan'.