Lost in the Moonlight


Lost In The Moonlight 11
Film info

Director: Kim Hyun-joo
Cast: Kim Seo-young, Lee Ha-nee, Kwon Yul
Film genre: Animation
Cert U, 80 mins, 2016
Distributed by Contents Panda

Thirteen-year-old Hyunjuli has been cast in the very uninspiring role of a tree in a traditional children’s musical about to be staged at Changdeok Palace. A shy and dreamy girl, she nevertheless dreams of the spotlight and feels ridiculous standing at the back of the chorus. Hyunjuli finally gets to take centre stage during the dress rehearsal, when she’s sucked into a fantasy world after picking up a tag dropped by a run-away Rat God who was also looking to escape relative obscurity. Finding herself trapped in the Moonlight Palace, Hyunjuli must uncover the conspiracy led by the mysterious Lady Blossom and find a way to get home again whilst also helping her new friend Mr. Squirrel to do the same in this beautifully animated fantasy adventure from first-time director Kim Hyun-joo.