Merry Christmas Mr. Mo

메리 크리스마스 미스터 모

Merry Christmas Mr  Mo Still 1
Film info

Director: Lim Dae-hyung
Cast: Gi Ju-bong, Oh Jung-hwan, Go Won-hee
Film genre: Drama
Cert 12A, 101 mins, 2016
Distributed by Indiestory

Lim Dae-hyung’s tragi-comic debut feature stars veteran character actor Gi Ju-bong (lately seen in Hong Sangsoo’s Right Now Wrong Then) as a taciturn, lonely widower with a secret or two. Mo Geum-san’s provincial life seems orderly and governed by routine: undemanding days in his small barber-shop, daily visits to the local swimming pool for his fitness, a drink and a snack on the way home and nights spent wrestling with a pillow that’s too lumpy. Mr Mo’s first secret is that he’s semi-estranged from his son, a student in Seoul; some bad news from a doctor makes him want to reconnect. His second secret is that beneath his placid and slightly dour exterior, a Chaplin-esque slapstick comedian is struggling to get out. Lim tells Mr Mo’s story across five chapters, using images which seem classically restrained but at the same time startlingly precise.