Korean Film at Edinburgh International Film Festival: 'Unstoppable' & 'Extreme Job'

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The Edinburgh International Film Festival will run from 19 - 30 June 2019 and includes two fantastic Korean film screenings in its line-up, the UK Premieres of Unstoppable and Extreme Job.

Unstoppable - UK Premiere

Mon 24 June 20:40 @ Odeon (Lothian Road, Edinburgh)

Wed 26 June 18:00 @ VUE (Omni Centre, Edinburgh)


A mild-mannered fish vendor turns to his violent past when his wife is kidnapped. This tightly paced South Korean action film (which has been favourably compared to Taken) features a larger-then-life performance by the charismatic Ma Dong-seok (billed here as Don Lee) as Dong-chul, a hard-working family man whose wife is kidnapped by sex traffickers. Bad move by them. He was not nicknamed ‘Angry Bull’ as a teenager for no reason and, with the aid of his best pal and a bumbling private detective, nothing will stop him. The action is brilliant, but Unstoppable also has great comedy moments and wonderfully loopy villain. [Rated 15]

Booking & Info: https://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/...

Extreme Job - UK Premiere

Tue 25 June 18:00 @ Odeon (Lothian Road)

Thu 27 June 18:10 @ Odeon (Lothian Road)

This South Korean blockbuster, blending crime drama and comedy, is packed with smart and funny dialogue and a series of action moments. A blundering police narcotics team, led by Captain Ko (Ryu Seung-yong, Kingdom), faces disbandment. In a last-ditch attempt at a bust, they take over a fried-chicken shop directly opposite a possible drug den. Soon, the squad discovers they’re more successful at selling fried chicken than police work. With engaging characters, Extreme Job’s oddball storyline allows for plenty of intense fight scenes to complement the comedy. [15]

Booking & Info: https://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/...