Programme Launch 2019

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The 14th London Korean Film Festival launched its full programme on Monday 16 September to a packed Regent Street Cinema, followed by a screening of the acclaimed Kokdu from award winning director Kim Tae-yong. The screening also included a very special video message from the director whose previous works include the groundbreaking Memento Mori (1999) and captivating Box Office hit Late Autumn (2011).

We are delighted to be celebrating 100 years of Korean cinema with a selection of films that helped change the cinematic landscape of the country. From the second Korean work ever to be directed by a woman, A Woman Judge (Hong Eun-Won, 1962), to the breath-taking early feature, Peppermint Candy (1999) from Burning director Lee Chang-dong, this year’s programme encompasses the rich history, politics and vibrant culture of Korea.

We have 16 screenings altogether at Regent Street Cinema, including our Opening Gala: A Seashore Village (1965) and Closing Gala: Scattered Night (2019). A Seashore Village will be the first time a retrospective title has been selected to open the festival. Newly restored, and presented in the UK for the very first time, the film tells the story of a young woman, Hae-soon, living in a village heavily populated by women who have lost their husbands at sea. A vivid portrait of the hardships faced by the women of the village and their methods of coping through sisterly comradeship and an understanding of the natural world around them, the film features striking monochrome cinematography and a bold representation of female sexual desire. Veteran director Kim Soo-yong will be joining us for a Q&A after the film.

Similarly, Scattered Night is a groundbreaking debut feature from film graduates Lee jihyoung and Kim Sol, told through the eyes of two young children who must wait as their separating parents messily make their way towards a decision on which of them will take which child post divorce. Minimalist and free of melodrama, the film offers an intimate and heart breaking child’s eye view of a crumbling family dynamic.

With films for all tastes we look forward to seeing you at the London Korean Film Festival this November...