Scattered Night + Q&A

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Director: Lee Jihyoung and Kim Sol
Cast: Moon Seunga, Choi Junwoo, Kim Hyeyoung, Lim Hojun
Cert 12, 81mins, 2019

When Su-min (a remarkably nuanced debut from Moon Seungah) and her brother Jin-ho (Choi Joonwoo) are told by their parents that they will soon divorce, they are given an impossible choice. Each can only live with one parent. They must decide for themselves who they would prefer. Resolutely optimistic, Sumin attempts to convince her parents to go on a family trip, believing that if they can put the pressure of work aside for just one weekend, they will see a future together and call off the divorce. Told with absolute honesty and compassion, Su-min’s young endearingly positive perspective collides with the unfathomable complexities, confusion and cruelties of the adult world. This diamond sharp minimalist gem joins the ranks of great films about childhood.

This screening will be followed by a conversation between co-director Kim Sol and So Mayer. So Mayer is a film journalist, film lecturer, poet and activist. Member of queer feminist curation collective, Club des Femmes.

Regent Street Cinema, 14 Nov 2019 7:00 pm