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Director: Cha Sung-duk
Cast: Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Ho-jung, You Chae-Myung, Tang Jun-sang
Cert 12, 100mins, 2018

In this skilfully directed feature debut by Cha Sung-duk, things are not what they seem at first glance. The eponymous Youngju (Kim Hyang-gi) and her brother Youngin (Tang Jun-sang), two young orphaned siblings whose parents died in a car accident, struggle to survive in the mean adult world of calculating relatives and scam loan companies seeking financial gain from the children’s predicament.

This screening will be introduced by film journalist Jenna Mahale.

Rio Cinema, 02 Nov 2019 3:30 pm

A Bedsore + Q&A

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Director: Shim Hyejung
Cast: Kim Jonggu, Kang Aesim, Jeon Gukhyang, Kim Doyoung
Cert 15, 110mins, 2019

As a festering bedsore on the suffering mother’s body opens old family wounds and grievances, Shim Hyejung’s strong debut feature makes us also think about the issues around the ethics of care for the elderly and the disabled, and the responsibilities we have as members of families and wider social networks.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Shim Hyejung. There will also be a chance to continue the discussion with the director in our Women's Networking Event after the screening. Register here

This screening will be followed by a conversation between director Shim Hyejung and Ming Ho. Ming Ho is an award winning screenwriter, script editor, and active campaigner on dementia and carer issues.

ICA London, 08 Nov 2019 6:15 pm

A Boy and Sungreen

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Director: Ahn Ju-young
Cast: Ahn Ji-ho, Kim Ju-a, Seo Hyun-Woo, Shin Dong-mi, Kim So-ra, Jang Jun-whee
Cert 12, 99mins, 2018

Difficult issues of growing up with a single parent and searching for a lost family member are given comedy treatment in Ahn Ju-young’s debut feature in which two high school students, aspiring filmmaker Nok-yang (Kim Ju-a) and her slightly awkward best friend Bo-hee (Ahn Ji-ho) join forces to find Bo-hee’s father, after it comes to light that his death in a car accident was fabricated by Bo-hee’s mother.

This screening will be introduced by Maria Cabrera. Maria Cabrera is a film programmer and currently works in film education.

Picturehouse Central, 10 Nov 2019 5:00 pm

Yukiko + Q&A

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Director: Noh Young Sun
Cast: Jang Yeo-jung, Ishikawa Yuko
Cert 15, 70mins, 2018

Framed by the question “Can you mourn for a person of whom you have no memory?”, Noh Young Sun’s first documentary feature tells a heartbreaking story of absence and loss rooted in the turmoil of the Korean War.

This screening will be followed by a conversation between director Noh Young Sun and Ania Ostrowska. Ania Ostrowska is a Film editor of feminist blog The F-Word, freelance film writer and programmer and visiting lecturer in media and communication. She recently defended her doctoral thesis on contemporary British women documentarians.

British Museum, 11 Nov 2019 3:00 pm