Trapped! The Cinema of Confinement

Trapped! The Cinema of Confinement responds to life in the time of pandemic through a compendium of stories found in the Korean Film Archive. All of them explore the impact of forced coexistence between characters in confinement. For those of us stuck predominantly indoors, words like ‘space’ and ‘distance’ have quickly changed meaning. In a time of quarantine and self-isolation, proximity has become digital, spatial distancing defining human interaction. The characters in these films are confined by force, religious or societal dogmas, or even by their own psychology. Four rarely screened archival films by renowned Korean directors envision the body dreaming of escape, transgression and even disappearance.

Our first recorded introduction is in a specially created playlist on the KCCUK YouTube channel followed by Park Chul-soo's cult psychological thriller 301/302 here.

You can also register to attend our live zoom discussion with the curatorial team for our final film, the acclaimed Korean megahit Sopyonje, on 27 August. Book here.

You can find more information on Trapped! The Cinema of Confinement here, and more information on our first screening 301/302 here.