Transgression + Introduction

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Director: Kim Ki-young
111mins, 1974

Part of our Trapped! The Cinema of Confinement Korean Film Nights season. Programmed in collaboration with the Birkbeck Film Programming and Curating MA course.

Watch a recorded introduction by Maya Kuzina from the KFN Trapped! Confinement curatorial team followed by master auteur Kim Ki Young's 'Transgression' on the Korean Film Archive's YouTube channel.

The Film and introduction will be avaliable in playlist created by LKFF. Live from Thursday 13 July, 7pm:

Chim-ae and Dos-im are two orphans rescued from war fires by a Buddhist monk. They are now living in Seo San Temple located in a secluded mountaineering landscape. Away from liberated society and its temptations, they enter priesthood and soon become contenders for receiving the title of abbot. These friends go through a series of intricate trials proving the strength of their religious devotion.

Although disciplined and determined to study Buddha’s teachings, the characters have hard time resisting their natural passions: Dos-im is teased by hunger, Chim-ae – by a secret affection for the young Buddhist nun Myo-Hyang, who is just as torn by much-desired human touch and pleasure as her male counterparts. Mysterious, sensuous and comic as is typical of master auteur Kim Ki-young’s films, Transgression is a radical statement about characters who reject their body and soul with the hope of gaining freedom, but find themselves trapped by their choice — if it was a choice at all. 

Online, 13 Aug 2020 12:00 am

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