애프터 미투

Three years since Korean society was first rocked by the MeToo movement, how much has changed? As the title suggests, #AfterMeToo tackles the activism and resistance that remained after the initial Me Too fever cooled. This anthology documentary ties together four shorts, dealing with the ‘School Me Too’ movement amongst teenagers, the fallout of the Me Too movement in the art world,  confessions surrounding sexual trauma from long ago and its respective healing process, and the sexual self-determination of women. 

Each segment has its own distinctive style, presenting the aftermath of Me Too from multiple angles. The coolness of black-and-white photographs, the dramatic gestures of mime-artistry, the direct confrontation of places and memories of hurt, and the ingenious vitality of illustrations inserted into interview testimony—these are all tools in the hunt to continue Me Too, and are all forms of evidence. The format of each segment poses a question about the ‘Me Too Movement’, but also presents a challenge and interrogation of the documentary form through evidence and remnants, memory and recordings.