• Director

  • Cast

    Youn Yuh-jung, Kim Go-eun

  • Genre

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    116 mins

  • Cert


Hong Gyechoon (Youn Yuh-jung) is getting on yet still working as a diver along the black rocky coast of Jeju Island. She dotes upon her grand-daughter Hyeji, left behind by an absconding daughter. Then one day as the two of them walk through the town’s central market, little Hyeji (Lee Seul-bi) disappears. We shift to the story of an 18-something woman fallen in with a bad crowd in the big city. This ‘Hyeji’, a long sought for grand-daughter, will be returned to Jeju Island and the seemingly inexhaustible love of Gyechoon , even as the old woman’s mind is beginning to fade. But some things don’t add up about this prickly new Hyeji (Kim Go-eun).

Perhaps the most rewarding moments in the film are scenes between new-comer Kim Go-eun as older Hyeji and our veteran Youn. The young woman’s painful, subtle journey to self-respect is Kim’s gift to the production.