• Director

  • Cast

    Lee Je Hoon, Jo Woo Jin, Shin Hae Sun, Lim Won Hee

  • Genre

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    114 mins

  • Cert


A gentleman thief (Lee Je-hoon). A superrich collector (Song Young-chang). A museum curator (Shin Haesun). An unethical archaeologist (Jo Woo Jin). A professional excavator (Lim  Won-hee). These five grave-robbers improbably team together to steal an ancient artefact, ‘the Excalibur of Joseon’, from Seolleung right in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul. The royal sword of Yi Seong-gye is a priceless piece of history, but those trying to take it do not all have the same motives, and are keeping their different plots well-buried.

Park Jung-bae’s twisty crowd-pleaser is all at once a tomb-raiding action adventure (expressly evoking Indiana Jones), a triple-crossing heist thriller, and a confidence-trick revenge movie, while never forgetting to be riotously entertaining. Yet Park is interested in exposing the real values that underlie modern Korean society, as these national treasures are not so much stolen as recovered.