KFN Labour(s) of Love: Talking Architect
말하는 건축가

  • Director

    Jeong Jae-eun

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    95 mins

  • Cert


“This is like a house where time stands still.”

Talking Architect (Jeong Jae-eun, 2012) functions as a eulogy for the architect Chung Gu-yon, documenting the final year of his life as he undertakes a retrospective exhibition of his own work whilst fighting terminal cancer. The film highlights how his passion for his work extends beyond the buildings to the people that will use them; he creates structures that take care of people and the environment that they inhabit. The film explores his notable ecologically conscious approach to architecture, as he chooses to integrate his plans with the land, rather than intrude upon it; one such example is when he constructs an entire building around a tree instead of cutting it down. The film’s title is also an ironic nod to the fact that despite being tasked with recounting his life’s work and driving philosophy, Chung Gu-yon’s vocal cords were severely damaged by his cancer treatment, and he speaks in a whisper for the entirety of the film; yet, when it comes to what he loves, he finds himself unable to stay silent.


The screening will be followed by Q&A with Je Ahn. Je Ahn is the Founding Director of Studio Weave, an architect passionate about the social meaning and technical precision of architecture. Studio Weave is a leader in civic and cultural building design, with a diverse portfolio ranging from pavilions to large-scale housing schemes. Je’s work extends to visionary thinking, exploring social issues through publications and driving area-based regeneration. His contributions have earned him national and international recognition, including prestigious awards