LKFF 2022: Shorts x Jeonju International Film Festival – Part 2


Seon-ji used to be good friends with Jin-hee; that is, until she introduced her to her brother, and Jin-hee became her sister-in-law. Now tensions run high as Seon-ji disapproves of Jin-hee’s seemingly dismissive treatment of their mother, and a family lunch will be the breaking point. But Seon-ji recently broke off her own engagement, and maybe she understands Jin-hee’s perspective more than she realises. Family bonds can form not just in mutual joy, but also in mutual strife and solidarity.

Layers of Summer

When former lovers Yun and Gang run into each other, they indulge in an afternoon of reminiscing. Gang is willing to find their love again; Yun can’t forget what made them split up. This story asks: is it possible to meet the right person at the wrong time? Is it possible to start again, or will past errors carry too much weight? Yun and Gang must decide if they can find their way back to the love they once knew.

29th Breath

Is it possible to be too good at a job? It seems that way for aspiring actress Ah-hee. She keeps getting cast as a zombie in every Korean production, and while these roles pay the bills, they’re hardly a challenge, artistically speaking. As she sees a classmate showered with more prominent roles, and her fellow extras tell her to accept her fate, Ah-hee fights to keep her acting dream alive. But that fight might just send her over the edge.


Between her stressful university studies and part-time work, Do-kyung is worn out. So she has no time for a very drunk Byeong-tae making a mess of her notes. Byeong-tae has troubles of his own, with his drinking problem and trying to pay for his elderly mother’s care. When they collide, Do-kyung sees an opportunity to improve her situation. But perhaps Byeong-tae still has enough wits to outsmart her. They’ll find out that each has secret sorrows that shouldn’t be exploited.

Since its first iteration in 2000, the JEONJU International Film Festival, which has positioned itself as one of Korea’s major film festivals, has endeavoured to present the ‘cutting edge’ of cinema. The modus operandi of JEONJU IFF is to present works at the forefront of alternative, independent and artistic contemporary film.

The Korean Competition for Shorts is one of JEONJU IFF’s key sections. Here, you can meet Korea’s freshest, most daring narratives. While this is largely thanks to the festival coinciding with university film graduation project submission periods, the JEONJU IFF Korean Competition for Shorts section has been lauded as the country’s most fiercely competitive.