KAFA Shorts


A young man tunes his guitar while holding a telephone, having learned from his teacher that the beep sound of the phone is the same note as the “la” tone of the music scale. Having been discharged from the army following an accident that left him unfit for duty, he now picks up the phone for reasons other than social connection. This film is an early masterpiece by director Lee Soo-yeon, who excels at depicting human loneliness and suffering.

High School Girls

High School Girls is a film that examines the idea of “back then,” the nostalgic time that exists in everyone’s memories. Although the film’s characters appear identified only by letters of the alphabet and dressed in identical school uniforms, their individual presences and identities stand out. This film takes a unique look at the existence of beautiful moments and individuals in a sea of conformity.

My Small Doll House

By contrasting the images of a doll in a box and a young girl playing with it, My Small Doll House  depicts the fear, fantasy, and anxious attitudes that women have toward the world. Widely considered to be director Jung Yu-mi’s most representative film, it has a unique style to its narration with a bizarre and dreamlike quality, offering a peek into a beautiful unconscious world expressed through the image of a doll’s house.

Don’t Step Out of the House

A poor boy and his sister are alone at home when they hear a stranger’s voice asking them to open the door. Don’t Step Out of the House is a bizarre, brutal fairy tale about the terror and violence of strangers invading private spaces, a violence made even more terrifying because of its meaningless, random nature.


Gyeongju and Eun-ae take shelter in a shipping container following a flood. Gyeongju worries for Eun-ae and tries to befriend her, but she doesn’t open her heart easily, especially after her grandmother’s recent passing. Container is a film that confronts the threat of urban redevelopment and natural disaster, the selfishness of some adults and the bitter situation of a young girl who cannot find her place in the world.

KAFA Shorts, showcases a selection of short films created by KAFA students and alumni. Some of these films have been screened at both domestic and international film festivals, while others will be new to audiences.