Women’s Voices Shorts

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director An Sunyou and actor Oh Jihoo.

My Little Aunt

In the summer of her 12th year, So-young (Lee Yewon)’s heart is full of excitement and anticipation. Her mother has taught her how to wear a bra, saying that So-young is becoming a woman, but So-young still finds them uncomfortable. To her, far more important than a bra is the way that her heart pounds when she’s out of breath after running. Luckily, So-young has one ray of light that cuts through her confusion: her “little aunt,” Ji-ran (Oh Jihoo). Ji-ran has many talents, including music and shadow puppets, and she becomes the one to explain to So-young that the seeds in her chest are trying to take root and grow. Ji-ran becomes So-young’s best friend and a wonderful adult role model for her, especially as she is continually scolded by her mother and grandfather. My Little Aunt is a refreshing short film, set against the backdrop of Jeju Island, that depicts the way women of different generations discuss topics like chest growth and conveys the heartbreaking sense of freedom among women who readily accept disharmony in a male-centred space.

A Room of Two Women’s Own

Ji-young is a writer who has moved out of her mother’s house and into a space of her own, but finds it difficult to handle the details of keeping house. The more time she spends writing, the deeper her house falls into disarray. When, in the midst of this, her mother calls to ask whether Ji-young is keeping her space clean, Ji-young’s first response is one of anger. She claims that even a ghost would be less frightening than a mother like her own. This is evidence of the complicated love-hate relationship between mother and daughter. A Room of Two Women’s Own is a horror-fantasy drama that examines what it means to take care of someone else’s domestic tasks. The film creates space for domestic concerns as it tactfully unravels themes of creativity, care, and interpersonal relationships.

My Annoying Mother

It is quite a complicated thing to explore the connection between a mother and a daughter. Although there have recently been many stories that touch on the topic of mother-daughter relationships, My Annoying Mother is one that does so in a unique and lively way. It tells the story of Ga-young, a film student at university who is not on good terms with her mother. Her mother doesn’t expect much from Ga-young, who has been in school for seven years. She often tells Ga-young that she has no talent and her future is unclear. In turn, Ga-young harbours hatred for her mother for belittling and disparaging her. Perhaps this is why Ga-young’s current short film project features a character who strongly resembles her mother. However, this film is not easy for Ga-young to complete due to continual rain delays in filming. My Annoying Mother uses the device of movie filming to allow a daughter and a mother to examine each other’s positions and lives, and at the end of the last filming, both of them are able to grow a little in response.

How to Get Your Man Pregnant

Sometime in the near future, after experiencing many failures and setbacks in their journey with in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), Yujin and Jeonghwan encounter a new development that may solve their problem. It comes in the form of a male pregnancy technology that is on the cusp of achieving popularity with the general public. The technology was invented by Dr. Samsin Kim, who claims that overcoming the low birth rate is his one and only mission. Although Jeonghwan had tried to convince and encourage his wife to try again for IVF, when faced with the possibility of getting pregnant himself, he finds that he baulks at the idea. He is afraid not only of the physical changes, but also of the way society will view him. How to Get Your Man Pregnant is a short animation that addresses serious concerns about pregnancy and childbirth through a brilliant new lens. The film delights in showing audiences how one can change their opinions on things they’ve always taken for granted just by slightly adjusting their own position.

The festival features 4 short films for the Women’s Voices strand. My Annoying Mother, A Room of Two Women’s Own, and My Little Aunt, all three of which take mother-daughter relationships as their main theme. How to Get Your Man Pregnant uses the lens of science fiction to examine the practical problems of pregnancy and childbirth. The contrast of the witty dialogue with the serious setting in which male pregnancy is possible enables both pleasant laughter and thoughtful consideration of the issues presented.