• Director

    Jeong Gwanjo

  • Cast

    WITH: Eun Seongho, Eun Geongi, Son Minseo

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    97 mins

  • Cert


Nocturne is a sweeping documentary film by director Jeong Gwanjo that, over the course of 11 years, chronicles the relationships between Eun Seongho, a talented pianist who has autism spectrum disorder, his mother Minseo, and his younger brother Geongi. The main tension depicted in the film is between Minseo, who supports her son Seongho’s musical talent and uses it as a balm for her exhausted heart, and Geongi, who feels neglected as his mother places her focus primarily on his elder brother. Nocturne portrays not only the relationship between an autistic son and a devoted mother, but also the various emotions and changes Geongi experiences on his journey to understand them both. Just like the “night song” referenced in the title, Geongi, who initially regards himself as being obscured by the shadow of his older brother, seems to find his own quiet melody that flows through the darkness of night.


Choi Eun Young