The Summer
그 여름

  • Director

    Han Ji-won

  • Cast

    Yoon Ah-yeong, Song Ha-rim

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    61 mins

  • Cert


The Summer is an animated film about Suyi and Yi-Gyeong, who met and started dating in the summer when they were 18 years old. From short advertisements to omnibus-style works, director Han Ji-won has consistently demonstrated a unique personal style that incorporates delicate emotions. The same is true of the romance landscape of The Summer, which is based on a short story of the same name by author Choi Eun-young. After sharing a summer full of affection, Suyi and Yi-Gyeong promise to also share a happy future together. Although they appear on a soft and detailed background not unlike watercolours, their lives are not always as bright as they seem. After leaving school and heading for the city, the couple, now 20 years old, face another season, one coloured by the weight of reality and a growing distance between them. The Summer is both a queer romance and an unhesitating depiction of a love shaped by the conditions of the world. In a similar way, the film also traces how the innermost facets of a relationship can connect with the world around them.