Tinker Ticker

  • Director

    Kim Jung-hoon

  • Cast

    Byun Yo-han, Park Jeong-min, Lim Ji-su

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    102 mins

  • Cert


After an incident with a homemade bomb during his high school years, Jung-gu (Byun Yo-han) is having a difficult time adapting to reality. Now he can only find satisfaction in making bombs and sending them to people at random in the hopes that someone will blow one up. One day he crosses paths with a student named Hyo-min (Park Jeong-min), the first person who is willing to detonate one of Jung-gu’s bombs. Tinker Ticker, the Korean title of which means “wild dog,” serves as a metaphor for the lonely and miserable existence of feral animals that must eke out their survival away from human society. Lead actors Byun Yo-han and Park Jeong-min give captivating performances in this 2013 film.