Man on High Heels

  • Cast

    Cha Seung-won, Oh Jeong-se, E Som, Go Kyoung-pyo, Park Sung-woong

  • Runtime

    125 mins

  • Cert


Jang Jin is possibly one of Korea’s best
directors yet bizarrely one of the country’s most overlooked filmmakers inter-
nationally. With a string of critical and
commercial successes, not just film but
also theatre and TV, over the last two
decades, director Jin has returned to
the big screen with an incredibly sub-
versive film. Holding all the trademark
elements of classic Jin films as well as
Korean crime thrillers, the film sets itself
about by adding a very unusual twist.

Detective Yoon is the typical
John McClane hard man, unflinching
in the eye of the most evil individuals.
However underneath his tough guy ex-
terior lies a secret desire, officer Yoon
is a woman trapped in a man’s body.
Agonising over the decision to have a
sex change operation, Yoon becomes embroiled in a case to bring down a
high ranking gangster in Boss Huh and
help fellow police officer Jang-mi who
has developed feels for Yoon. Can the
transgender cop have it all and come
out unscatched in the process?

Visually stunning and a departure
from director Jin’s normal style, Man
on High Heels
could easily become a
trashy and cliched affair but Jang Jin
executes a provocative and enjoyment
picture. Taking a risk with Jin in his bold
story is actor Cha Seung-won (Blades of
), who typically plays the part of
romcom pinups, and delivers a career
high he will find hard to top.