London Korean Film Festival 2021: Artwork Announced

This year’s LKFF artwork draws upon the global significance of Korean cinema with bold neon colours, standing out against a black background. As in 2020, the circular theme represents the gaze of a camera lens, focused on the LKFF logo in the centre. The theme of ‘journey’ is explored here through the circular lines tracing around the edge of the frame. Youn Yuh-jung’s incredible acting journey started in 1970 with Kim Ki-young’s Woman of Fire. Since then she has encompassed the most iconic Korean directors and landmark films. Her surname (여정, Yuh-jung) also translates as ‘journey’ in Korean.

Our bold new style reflects the recent success of Korean film, which was once again highlighted on the national stage this year when Youn picked up Best Supporting Actress Awards at both the Oscars and the BAFTAs for her role in Minari (Lee Isaac Chung, 2020). 

Stay tuned for more announcements on our lineup and venues. Looking forward to seeing you again in November!

Artwork by Everyday-practice.