라임 크라임

  • Cast

    Lee Minwoo, Jang Yoosang, Kimchoi Yongjoon, Jeong Woosung(Olltii)

  • Genre

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    82 mins

  • Cert


Secondary school  classmates Songju (Lee Minwoo) and Jooyeon(Jang Yoosang) seemingly have nothing in common. Songju is a poor student who is likely to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a car mechanic. Jooyeon is from a wealthy family and excels at school. They have no mutual friends. But both of them share a talent for rapping. After forming an unlikely duo, which they christen Limecrime, they set out in pursuit of their dreams. 

Co-directors Lee Seunghwan and Yoo Jaewook actually did perform as a hip-hop duo called Limecrime in secondary school, so there is a strong autobiographical streak to this story. But one of the film’s strengths is that it goes beyond the personal to capture the energy of Korea’s youth hip-hop scene, while also being quite smart about class issues. More than anything, Songju and Jooyeon are convincingly real and complex characters, and the story of their friendship is compelling.