LKFF 2022: Director’s Intention

  • Director

    Kim Min-geun

  • Cast

    Han Sun-hwa, Lee Wan

  • Genre

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    77 mins

  • Cert


Screening accompanied by an introduction.


Busan-based location scout Sun-hwa (Han Sun-hwa) believes that a location should be invested with feelings to express the director’s intention – which gets personal when she has to work at the last minute with director Do-young (Lee Wan), the ex-boyfriend who some time ago left town (and her) to work in Seoul, and is now back for a trip down memory lane, and possibly to rekindle old love. Sung-hwa has a repertoire of resonant locations that she thinks will suit Do-young’s film, but is there still a place for her in his heart?

Like Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit’s 36 (2012), Kim Min-geun’s sophisticated second-chance romance foregrounds the contribution of a location scout’s work to a film. Agreeably self-reflexive and unusually understated in its melodrama, this locates nostalgia, situation and memory at the centre of cinema, and inevitably comes with a strong sense of place.


Anton Bitel