LKFF 2022: Seire

  • Director

    Park Kang

  • Cast

    Seo Hyun-woo, Ryu Abel, Sim Eun-woo

  • Genre

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    102 mins

  • Cert


  • Awards

    Busan International Film Festival 2021 - 'New Currents' FIPRESCI Prize

Screening accompanied by an introduction.


Seire (aka samchil-il) is the 21-day period of postpartum confinement for a newborn and its mother, during which special dietary measures are observed, saekki ropes are hung over the threshold, visits are restricted, and family members are supposed to avoid anything ill-omened. Recent father Jin Woo-jin (Seo Hyun-woo) ignores the superstitions of his wife Hae-mi (Sim Eun-woo) and breaks a taboo by attending the funeral of his ex-girlfriend Se-young (Ryu Abel), presided over by her identical twin Ye-young.

Has the baby I-su come under a curse from the breath-hungry dead, or is Woo-jin working through his own conflicted feelings and deep-seated guilt about having become a father? Eschewing sensationalism or special effects, Park Kang’s intense, ambiguous feature is a subtle, serious, slow-burn exposé of one man’s inner psyche, both waking and dreaming.


Anton Bitel