LKFF 2022: The Road to the Race Track + Q&A

  • Director

    Jang Sun-woo

  • Cast

    Kang Soo-yeon, Moon Sung-keun, Kim Bo-yeon

  • Genre

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    138 mins

  • Cert


Screening followed by a Q&A with Kim Dong-ho, founder of Busan International Film Festival, and Kim Hong-joon, director of Korean Film Archive.


R (Moon Sung-keun) arrives at Gimpo Airport after years of study and a PhD achieved in the intellectual mecca of Paris. Waiting for him is J (Kang Soo-yeon), a woman who shared life and bed with him during much of that time. Her loyalty had been rewarded by his contribution to her own PhD. Rather than hurry home to his family down in Daegu or even to find a proper position in Seoul, R runs himself ragged trying to get J back into any available bed.

The peak years of maverick director Jang Sun-woo’s career roughly coincided with those of Kang Soo-yeon, from the late 1980s till the end of the 1990s. Given Kang’s courage in taking on difficult roles, it is no surprise that they would meet up in this controversial film, one considered by some critics to be his best film and her best, most challenging role. Kang’s performance as the artfully dodging J swept the best actress domestic awards in 1992.


Mark Morris