Made on the Rooftop
메이드 인 루프탑

Haneul (Lee Hong-nae) has a penchant for stoking drama in his relationship, but one day he takes things too far, and his boyfriend tells him to move out. At a loss, he temporarily moves in with his friend Bongsik (Jung Whee), who has made a name for himself as a live streamer. Bongsik in turn has a flair for fashion and believes in getting the most out of life at every moment. But something in him pulls back whenever anyone shows a serious interest in him. These two men, each struggling with love in their own way, pass the summer in their rooftop home in Seoul. 

It’s tempting to call Made on the Rooftop a romantic comedy, but actually it covers a whole range of emotions in its 85 minute running time. Both joyous and sad in turn, the film paints a memorable depiction of gay life in Seoul and contains truly unforgettable characters.