최선의 삶

  • Director

  • Cast

    Bang Min-a, Han Sung-min, Shim Dal-gi

  • Genre

  • Release Date


  • Runtime

    109 mins

  • Cert


In 1993 Daejeon, home of Expo ‘93, eighteen-year-olds Kang-yi (Bang Min-a), Ah-ram (Shim Dal-gi) and So-young (Han Sung-min) are inseparable. Kang-yi, who always looks to her friends’ reactions first; Ah-ram, who’ll pick up anything she finds on the street; and So-young, whose strong exterior hides an anxious core. The girls always talk of escaping to ‘somewhere else, somewhere unknown’. Whether at home or at school, they feel as if they don’t belong. ‘How can I explain that my warm bed is so comfortable that sometimes I feel scared,’ confesses Kang-yi. The three run away from home and create their own micro universe, united by their friendship. But in breaking away from the day-to-day, the girls suddenly feel as if they no longer know one another. Cracks begin to appear in their romantic illusions of friendship. 

Delicately layered across the film are the unclear and uneven feelings of dissatisfaction and discomfort, fear and insecurity, and the humidity and stickiness of summer’s nights. Having already demonstrated an unrivalled skill in the telling of coming-of-age stories in her earlier short films, Director Lee Woo-jung’s first feature length is bursting with just as much intense emotion.